On April 14, 2018, over 60 volunteers came together and picked up in excess of 2300 pounds of trash from Jasper and Sam Rayburn streets and highways!  This project was in conjunction with the Great Texas Trash Off held April 7th.  But the effort doesn’t stop with this one event!  There are things we, as individuals, can do to foster and encourage the beautification of Jasper and Lake Rayburn.  Get personal with litter!  What does our own street and yard look like?  Make an example of yourself to your neighbors.  If you take pride in your own little part of Texas, others will see and follow suit.  Clean it up!  Get rid of that old washing machine sitting by your garage for the last 5 years!  Move that old clunker out of your driveway and hide it somewhere!  Clean up that pile of limbs left over from the last storm!  Teach your kids, by example, that its not OK to throw that candy wrapper on the sidewalk.  All these little things may seem inconsequential.  However, if one person sees another person clean up, and two people see that person clean up and so on and so forth….you’ve got a mighty pretty little jewel shining in the middle of Forest Country.  Make Jasper shine!  CLEAN IT UP!