Matt Beshears, Wayne Beshears and Gerry Fesperman will welcome you to Century 21 Town and Country Rentals.

Reduce your stress and boost your investment by contacting Century 21 Town and Country Rentals! We are not only your realtor for listing and selling properties, but we can manage your rental properties as well. Century 21 currently manages several shopping centers, commercial properties and residences.

Under our property management, the owner will not have to find a tenant, will not have to collect rent, will not have to schedule any repairs, and will not have to evict tenants, if necessary.

Here are four examples of ways a property manager can make life as a landlord easier:

  1. Property Managers are Experienced in Handling Tenant Disputes and Issues
  2. Property Managers are Versed in Real Estate-Related Regulations
  3. Property Managers Are On-Call so You Don’t Have to Be
  4. Property Managers Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

The fees associated with hiring a property manager can be offset by timely payments, competitive rents, low vacancy, and other benefits of professional management.  Our property manager, Gerry Fesperman, is a licensed real estate agent and is in his office daily to meet your needs. You can come by our office at 720 South Wheeler in Jasper, or call 409-384-3282.