Howdy Y’all!   X-15 Enterprises, LLC is a new family owned business here in Jasper, Texas located at 2155 South Wheeler St., Hwy 96 South. The business name came from one of the owners love for car racing  and the need to have a racing number like no one else! X-15 was a rocket ship back in the 60’s that broke the sound barrier. Since another racer already had the number 15 for his car, the owner decided to add the letter X in front of the 15 for his car and race at ROCKET SPEED!  Hence, X-15 Enterprises, LLC arose with the desire to succeed while giving excellent service and quality products.

Our business hours are Monday thru Saturday, 10 am until 9 pm and Sunday’s 12 pm until 6 pm.  Our phone numbers are 409-489-4806 or 409-382-0266. We offer non climate controlled storage units that are 35x12x10 ,  cemented flooring, time lighting and electrical plugins with 2 outlets . We will store your boat, atv’s, vehicles, tractors, rv’s and  personal items for 100.00 a month, plus sell you a Chateau Disc Lock for 10.00 plus tax.

Our Drive thru Beverage Barn offers wine and beer along with some snacks, water , sodas , energy drinks, tobacco products and 50 lbs. of deer corn that is competitively priced ! Also, with any beverage purchase we will GIVE YOU 8 lbs. of ice FREE and even ice your beverage, water or sodas down in your cooler!  Also, YOU NEVER HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR CAR because our employees will take care of your needs while you stay in the comfort of your vehicle or on your Tractor!

Come see us, and thanks to those  that have already come thru as we appreciate your business!

Caroline and Alan Hart -owners

TABC- BQ permitted

TSSA Member

WWW. X15Enterprises,LLC


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Drive Responsibly and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!

No sales of alcohol to those under 21 and No sales of Tobacco to those under 18.

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