Champion Oaks Ranch

 Rebuilding Families…One Child at a Time

 When the Struggle Becomes Too Great

Nearly all families struggle at some point, but sometimes it becomes too much or continues too long.  Perhaps you have sought help from your church, your child’s school, a doctor or counselor.  Perhaps a community agency has been involved, yet your child and your family continue to struggle.  As a parent, you may feel frustrated and often defeated, and you may not know what your options are, what resources are available or even where to turn.

The Program

Champion Oaks Ranch provides children and their families, constant and much-needed support and guidance through our therapeutic residential program.  We help families experiencing conflict resulting from tragic life events such as death, divorce, absentee parents, parental or marital issues, addiction, communication problems, broken relationships, depression, anxiety, continued disrespect, defiance, troubles in school and social environments, outbursts, anger and many other challenges.  There is hope and opportunity for healing.

The Campus

Located on 78 beautiful acres, Champion Oaks Ranch is a Christ-centered program located 15 minutes northwest of Jasper, Texas.  The campus currently consist of a 3,000 square foot children’s home that accommodates 6 boys ages 8-14 and their house parents, and an administration building that includes a counseling center and a classroom for our academic recovery program.  Children who are succeeding academically have the option to attend public school in Jasper.  The campus includes a two-acre lake for fishing, fields, a vegetable garden, chickens, cows and other farm animals, and horses for a recreational equestrian program.

How Does Champion Oaks Ranch Help?

Champion Oaks Ranch provides families an opportunity for a therapeutic break.  Providing separation and a new environment lead to a new perspective and willingness to work on and resolve problems.

Children and their families work with a licensed professional counselor that helps facilitate individual, group and family counseling on a regular basis.  Counseling helps to address the root cause of the struggle, identify healthier ways of communicating, develops better ways of relating and connecting, and resolves family power struggles.

Whether you are married, divorced, a single parent, a grandparent, aunt, uncle or a guardian for a child, you will meet families just like yours and receive additional support from a community of peers.  Your child and family will also have daily support from Christian, caring house parents and assistant counselors in the home.

Our Goal

At Champion Oaks Ranch, our goal is to address the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of a child and to help restore the family to a place of healing, restoration and unity.

Our Mission

Champion Oaks Ranch was created by the grace of God to provide a loving and stable Christian home for boys and girls who are falling through the cracks.  We are partnering with parents and others who have the same heart to help provide self-worth, purpose and life-long goals.  Our goal is to restore and reunify families when possible.  Our duty is to glorify God and share His love unconditionally.

 Can I Afford Champion Oaks Ranch?

Yes.  Many are surprised to hear just how affordable the Champion Oaks Ranch program is for families.  100% of our program costs are paid by the generosity of donors and supporters who want to help children and families experience better lives.

Will I See My Child?

Your child will stay on campus in our home during the week and every other weekend to work on behaviors that have negatively impacted his or her family, school performance and personal growth.  They will come home every other weekend and on holidays to give your family an opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge gained during your time at Champion Oaks Ranch.

Do I Need Help?

While many of the following characteristics and behaviors may be seen in any family, the list can help you determine if your child and family need help.

  • Are you pessimistic about your family’s future?
  • Are there communication problems in your family?
  • Do you feel burdened as a parent or guardian?
  • Does your child shut you out?
  • Is there a significant emotional distance between members of your family?
  • Are you and your child currently engaged in a power struggle?
  • Is your child shutdown and withdrawn from people, school and activities?
  • Is your child disrespectful, belligerent or dishonest?
  • Is your child frequently in trouble in school?
  • Have your child’s grades declined and are they reflecting their abilities
  • Has your family experienced a significant life event that has been difficult to cope with?
  • Have you been working with outpatient resources with little to no progress?
  • Is your child in trouble with law enforcement or juvenile court?
  • Have the problems above persisted for a year or more?

If these issues sound familiar, you and your family may be best served by Champion Oaks Ranch.

Champion Oaks Ranch

482 County Road 080

Jasper, TX 75951