Our member spotlight for today is shining on Xtreme Tabs.
Greg sells The X-CAP, which is a caplet you put in your fuel tank: be it a car truck, or sport utility vehicle. This makes the fuel, gas or diesel, burn more efficiently, increasing the power, increasing the mileage, and saving you money on gas. Who doesn’t need to save money on gas these days?
Visit his website for all the details.
May be an image of text that says 'NASA Patented Fuel Catalyst EPA Registered 8-12% Gain in MPG GREEN-Lower Emissions Made in USA MPG $20 X USD XTREME New! PREMIUM X-CAPS™ FOR USE GASOLINE PETROL AND DIESEL EACH CAP TREATS 1-20 GALLONS DANGER: FLAMMABLE HARMFUL SWALLOWED Contents: Caps Read addibional warnings DuCk 5 Gram Each Works in Diesel and all grades of Gasoline! Use in automobiles, boats, ATVS, lawn Mowers, anything with a combustion engine...'