Have you ever heard someone say the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t do anything? Have you ever wondered what exactly the Chamber of Commerce actually does?? OK, let’s tally it up!
Ever been to Azalea Festival? Well, that was put on by the Chamber!
Ever attend the Chairman’s Banquet? Put on by the Chamber!
Did you attend Ladies Night Out? Boom! Chamber!
Did you ever win VIP Seating at July 4th or Christmas in the Park? You guessed it…Chamber!
Dam2Dam Saddle and Paddle? Uh Huh…Chamber!
How about Fall Butterfly Festival? Have you attended? Yep, put on by the Chamber!
Were you ever the winner of Shop Jasper First? Or the business that sold the winning ticket?? Hey, hey…that’s the Chamber!
And let’s look at the holidays. Have you ever been to the Christmas Parade? You got it…sponsored by the Chamber.
The Jasper Lake Sam Rayburn Chamber of Commerce puts on all these events for the LOVE of our Community. Membership dues go toward the Chamber being able to bring you these events. If you are not a member, joining is the right thing to do for your Community!
And if you ARE a member, we are deeply grateful!
Call on us! We are here to serve YOU!